Bus Information

The day school has an incredible transport facility with 10 GPRS equipped buses and 5 school van plying to pick up children from all areas. The buses ply on fixed routes with pre designated bus stops

Bus Rules

VEDANT EDUCATION, Mukandpura-II (Amer) proudly owns a fleet of buses and they ply to almost all parts of area covered by the school to bring the students safely to school and drop them back home. Students are expected to be disciplined in the bus. They should willingly accommodate the students of a particular route. It is also expected that the juniors be treated with love and affection by the seniors and the juniors show respect to their seniors. They are expected to maintain discipline while traveling in the school bus. In case of serious indiscipline, the bus facility can be withdrawn. Students can avail of the school transport facility subject to the availability of seats. The routes of the school buses are drawn on the basis of the number of students and the parents should consult the school transport in-charge for necessary details. Students are not allowed to drive down themselves to school under any circumstance. Bus facility is neither mandatory nor guaranteed.

Bus Safety

A teaching / non-teaching staff is deployed on every bus from the boarding to the last de-boarding point. Parents are provided with the contact details of the bus driver and conductor. All buses are equipped with GPRS.