Dear Students

Vedant Education has been providing exceptional opportunities to young minds since 2009, VEDANT has a rich legacy of high academic performance with a blend of art and culture. I cordially welcome all of you to the academic session 2020-21.

Success is always the result of continuous preparation, dedication and diligence. Education is only a milestone in life’s journey and you have to face many challenges before achieving success but with a positive attitude, boundless enthusiasm, complete faith and sustained effort you can surely and certainly accomplish your goal. Never doubt your ability.

Vedant Education stresses on doing and developing. We relentlessly strive to bring the best to students under our care but you need to make efforts to derive benefit from the infrastructure, resources and Mentors. Try to enter into good colleges. Become successful and carry the name of your school forward. Pursue your passion, try to discover yourself every day

Celebrate every bit of your journey of school life and come out victorious glowing with knowledge, life skills and confidence to achieve your dreams

It is not that you will not make mistakes but Prepare, practice and move ahead. I, on behalf of Vedant Education, pledge wholehearted support in your journey on the path to realizing your chosen career goals. Study sincerely and achieve success for family, friends, school and yourself.

No journey can be complete without the support of parents and teachers. Acknowledge them for the crucial role they play in your life.

I thank esteemed members of management for bestowing in me the belief to carry on the journey and make an impact in the lives of young learners.

“Find the leader within you.” Be innovative, take initiative, become an entrepreneur rather than a job seeker.

Always remember four steps to achievement- Plan purposefully. Prepare powerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.

Wishing you a very positive attitude for success!

Nitu Yadav