The school provides excellent opportunities for the development of sporting prowess in children. Games are compulsory and our students have traditionally excelled in athletics, football and cricket. The school has to its credit several district, Inter district, State and National level trophies in some of the above mentioned events. The school also has lawn tennis, basket ball and volley ball facilities along with a rifle club that has a fair following. Those intending to join any of the sports clubs like the squash, shuttle badminton or table tennis clubs should be equipped with the necessary gear. All sport activities are conducted under the guidance of respective coaches.

Games and Sports form an integral part of school curriculum. It is our constant endeavor to involve more and more students to take part in various games.

The school has the proper facilities for the following disciplines:

 Table Tennis

Fitness Center Our fitness center is well equipped with latest fitness equipments.

Yoga We have yoga period for every class to teach mental relaxation, good health and to develop good personality. Encouraged by the positive response to the value education classes, held in school since last three years, in instilling moral values in our students, the school is organising yoga/meditation classes.

It is our aim to develop the qualities of healthy competition sportsmanship, character building and physical fitness. Inter class competition are conducted for boys and girls where we spot out talented children who could be taken in to hands for intensive coaching to prepare them for inter school state level and national level competition.

Every year scores of students get the opportunity to play at state and national level tournaments. We give due recognition to our players who achieved at state, national and international level.

The awards are

Sports Blazer: We award sports blazer for international participation and position at national level.

Sports Badges: For position at state level, IPSC, All India Inter DPS competition and participation at national level.

Our school provides special coaching after school hours in various disciplines under the guidance of expert coaches free of cost.

The school provides facilities for all games. To encourage healthy competition, character building and physical stamina, Inter-Class competitions are held in all available games for senior and junior boys and girls each year. Games form an integral and vital part of the school curriculum. Swimming starts at the age of four for all. One major team game is a compulsory part of curriculum from classes VI to VIII. Special scholarship and tuition facilities are provided to sportsmen. Scores of students have played at State and National levels. The school provides facilities for specialized coaching in various games. The popular games played in the school are hockey, football, cricket, badminton, basket-ball, throwball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, judo, wrestling, softball, squash and tennis. Three swimming pools are open to all children by tur.