At VEDANT EDUCATION, Mukandpura-II (Amer), reading is our thing. We truly believe that the more we read, the more we know. Thus, the importance of a school library cannot be over emphasized. A store house of knowledge, it promotes self-learning and satiates the inquisitiveness of the young minds. It opens up windows to the world, and inspires readers to explore, achieve and contribute.
As an essential part of E – learning our school has also added CDs related to education, sports, gaming, etc. in the school library which are always available for the students to enrich their abilities through explorative and experiential learning. The innovative and technical approach towards education not only enhances learning but also builds a creative interest among the students.

Size: 1200 sq. ft.
No of Dailies: 04
No of Reference Books Class-wise: 125
No of Magazine: 29
Others – Audio/Video: 80
No of Books: 10500