Secratory Message

"Education is not the filling of the mind with facts but initiating the mind"

VEADNT was founded in 2009 with the mission of rural education development through value based quality education with an aim of holistic personality development. I understand that this is the immediate requirement for students to make full use of the challenges and opportunities of both personal and professional lives, in order to prove their worth in society. In this way, they will be able to shoulder the onus which they would be assigned in the times to come.

Though, Vedant's is hardly five years old, it is reckoned number 1 in area in a short span of time by maintaining 100% results in all Board exams till now and our students shows our presense at State & National level in various Sports and other activities. Vedant's provides an environment conducive to active learning and personal growth with state-of-the-art infrastructure. We insist the students to develop communication skills and groom their personality which enables them to stand out with their heads up in the world outside and face with courage and confidence the challenges that confront them in their areas of leavening.

Our education has phenomenal powers to bring substantial benefits to the individual and the society. Vedant's prime objective is to meet the intellectual, social and academic needs of every student through appropriate and relevant quality inputs.

I extend a warm welcome to our students and wish them a great future after a rewarding stint of educational career at Vedant's.

Director Message

VEADNT, is the branch of 'Vedas', which motivates person to get a education with our cultural traditions, with this ideology ten years ago we started "Vedant institution". Education is essential for every individual. Without education no country can prosper and vie with the challenges that lie ahead in the rapidly growing globalised economy. Education enables a man to realise his talents and understand his responsibilities to propel his personal growth and to make him a worthy citizen.

Over the past decade, the environment of education has dramatically changed. We now live in an era where a critical understanding of the global dimensions to learning and development of students as global citizens are gaining importance. Quality education system including quality teaching is vital for achieving success in the global arena. At the same time locating a quality service provider is critical in attaining success.

In an attempt to provide quality service, Vedant's strives to generate good citizens. Besides, Vedant's inculcates the social values in the students and ignites their minds to perform their best. Vedant's firmly believes in adherence to values that are most relevant to the academic community, anchored on the concept of integrity.

Vedant's is centre of excellence and aims to dedicate itself fully to meet the vision of India by transforming students into highly talented individuals with commitment, unity and patriotism. I whole heartedly wish best of luck to all those who seek admission in VEDANT and welcome you to our door to success.
Dr. R N Yadav